Podcasts and Rod Reviews

Hi all,

     I'm just about to start my blog review of the world championships this year but before I do that I thought I would draw your attention to some podcasts I've done the last couple of months.

If you want to hear a bit about loch style stillwater fly fishing I've done two podcasts on this topic recently. 

You can catch the Reno Fly Shop Podcast Episode 44 at this link.

Listen to the Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast on loch style angling at this link.

If you want to catch some more talk about Euro-nymphing you can listen to the Wet Fly Swing podcast at this link. Make sure to click on episode 43. 

On the gear side, I haven't had time to post the rod reviews I've been wanting to do for a while but Simon Scodavolpe of France has done some recent reviews on rods we have in the shop. Click on the links below for the rod you are interested in.

Thomas and Thomas Contact 10' 8" 3 weight 

Orvis Recon 10' 3 weight

Maxia MX4 10' 2 weight

And as far as gear goes, if you need something to help make your sighters more visible on the water, we recently added Skafar's Neon Wax to the site. It makes it much easier to see dull colored sighters and can be wiped off with fingers or a cloth.

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