Ten Tips for Fly Fishing in Low and Clear Water

Ten Tips for Fly Fishing in Low and Clear Water

I just uploaded a new video to YouTube showing you 10 tips for fly fishing in low and clear water conditions

Given the current situation we are all experiencing with the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a lot of need for positivity and a look forward to the activities that bring enjoyment to life. I hope this video will help you have a quick escape from the worry and hardships any of you might be experiencing. One way or another, we will all get through this together and continue to enjoy the fly fishing we all love.

During the pandemic, we at Tactical Fly Fisher are still operating normally and filling orders. Fortunately, we are in an area that has not had an outbreak yet. We are working hard to maintain a clean and sanitized shop and practicing the hand hygiene and social distancing that authorities have asked us to maintain. We hope you are all doing the same.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy out there and get out on the water if it's responsible for you to do so.

Devin Olsen

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