Where and How to Float Your Sighter When Euro-Nymphing

Where and How to Float Your Sighter When Euro-Nymphing

Given the characteristics of different water types, specific techniques often provide better presentations than others. Within Euro nymphing, there is a technique where the sighter is floated to smooth out your drift in flatter water types. I have been using this technique since I first started fishing French leaders back in 2007 but I haven't used it as much since I began fishing micro leaders. However, over the last 6 months I have been fishing a floated sighter more often again. I have found it to be better in certain water types than a dry dropper/indicator rig or a traditional Euro nymphing presentation with the sighter held off the water.

In this video, I provide an in depth look at where and how to float your sighter. Hopefully it will help you understand the technique and its use a bit more.

Here are three videos we have previously done that will help you understand other technical elements of presentation that support the floated sighter technique. 

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