Two New Videos: Plan B and the Fly Fishing Buffet Series

Two New Videos: Plan B and the Fly Fishing Buffet Series

Two New Videos

There is a lot of fun and instructional content headed your way. Yesterday we released a new video called Plan B. In it Kramer and I have a really fun day of stillwater fishing from a couple of weeks ago. We originally wanted to head to a high lake and chase cutthroats that day, but we ended up chasing rainbows in the plains due to weather.  If you click the image below to watch the video, you'll see Plan B turned out alright I think. 

To add to the fun, Tactical Fly Fisher was lucky to be one of the sponsors for this year's season 3 of the Fly Fishing Buffet Series by Gilbert Rowley and Phil Tuttle. The first video in the series will be an episode I shot with Gilbert where we sight fished to lots of trout in the gin clear water on Utah's Green River. It has some amazing unique shots of fish eating flies on camera. You can catch the trailer to the series at the video below. Make sure you subscribe to Gilbert's YouTube channel while you are watching so you will see all the rest of the episodes in the series. On top of that, there is a crazy giveway featuring gear and goodies from Thomas and Thomas, Scientific Anglers, Lamson, Fly Fusion, Rainy's, RepYourWater, Fly Fusion, and Tactical Fly Fisher. To enter the giveway make sure you follow Gilbert's Instagram page at this link and keep your eye out for the giveaways.

Happy watching and fishing everyone,


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