How to tie a soft hackle hare's ear

The soft hackle hare's ear is a classic nymph pattern for a reason. Its impressionistic nature allows it to look nothing and everything all at the same time. Trout can mistake it for lots of different food items which means that they often do. It is an easy pattern that is great if you are just learning to tie and can work in a range of rivers depending on the size. 

In our latest tutorial, Kramer Bookman shows you how to tie this classic pattern in a detailed manner. You can find all of the materials in this category on our website or at the links below. 


Hook: Firehole 633 sizes 12-16

Bead: Tactical Fly Fisher Slotted or Countersunk Tungsten

Thread: Uni 8/0 camel

Wire: Uni soft medium wire in gold

Extra Weight: 0.020" lead wire

Dubbing: Troutline Mad Rabbit dubbing in natural

Hackle: India hen back in natural (Nature's Spirit or Hareline)

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