How to tie Schultz' Red Eye Leech

In this tutorial, our warehouse manager Brad Green shows you how to tie his favorite all around streamer pattern, Mike Schultz' Red Eyed Leech. Brad uses this pattern for smallmouth, trout, and steelhead. It works well on standard streamer rigs or on a Euro nymphing leader. 

You can find the materials for this fly in our shop at this category link Red Eyed Leech


Hook: Ahrex TP560

Thread: Veevus 140 denier power thread

Eyes: Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes. Brad uses medium in the video but you can adjust the size for different weights.

Tail and body: Hareline Rabbit Strips. Black, olive, or brown are Brad's favorites. 

Flash #1: Copper Speckled Flashabou

Flash #2: Red Flashabou

Feather Collar: Hareline Mallard Flank

Finishing Resin: Raidzap Flex or Loon Flow

Tools Used:

Dr. Slick All-Purpose Scissors

Griffin Ceramic Supreme Bobbin

Swiss CDC Multi-Clamp

Dr. Slick Stainless Steel Whip Finisher

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