Space X Nymph Fly Tying Tutorial

Space X Nymph Fly Tying Tutorial

Tag nymphs have been a core part of my nymph arsenal for almost a decade. After I started using the  Blowtorch, I began experimenting with lots of different styles and color schemes of tag nymphs. I nearly always try one or more variations on each new river I fish. Sometimes they all work well and other times there is a clear winner. A tag nymph variation that has become part of this core working group is the Space X Nymph. It is built on the classic black, pink, and silver combination which is found on a lot of European patterns. The combination cuts a nice silhouette in dark lighting or stained water but it has also worked well in clear water and low flows over this past winter. If you haven't tried tag nymphs yet, you really need to. The Space X is a good place to start. 

Materials Recipe

Hook: The Dohiku HDJ, 644, or 302 SP are all good choices Dohiku HDN 302 SP jig/nymph hook (16)

Dohiku HDJ Jig Hook (14)

Dohiku HDG 644 scud/caddis pupa hook (16)

Bead: Tactical Fly Fisher Slotted Tungsten or Inverting Tungsten bead. Silver is my go to but copper or gold work as well.  Tactical Fly Fisher Slotted Tungsten Beads, 50 Pack (Gold, Silver, Copper, Black Nickel, and Unfinished Tungsten) (Silver, 2.8mm)

Tactical Fly Fisher Inverting Tungsten Beads 50 Pack (Gold, Silver, Copper, Black Nickel and Unfinished Tungsten) (3.0 mm, Silver)

Tag: Glo Brite fl. hot pink

Glo brite floss (FL. Hot Pink #2)

Thread: 8/0 black Uni

UNI 8/0 Thread (Black)

Wire: small Danville silver wire

Danville's Fine Wire (Silver)

Rib: Semperfli Perdigon Body in iridescent purple

Semperfli Perdigon Body (Iridescent Purple)

Dubbing: Ice Dub UV black

Hareline Ice Dubbing (UV Black 11)

Hackle: Hareline Super Select CDC in brown grey or khaki or Hareline CDC in Natural Dun

Hareline CDC Super Select (large 1 gram pack) (Brown Grey)

Hareline CDC (Natural Dun #245)

Tools Used

Griffin Ceramic Supreme Bobbin

Griffin Supreme Ceramic Bobbin

Loon Ergo Scissors

Loon Ergo all purpose scissors

Dr. Slick Whip Finisher

Dr. Slick Whip Finisher

Loctite Brush On Superglue

Loctite Brush On Superglue

Solarez Bone Dry Solarez Bone Dry UV Cure Resin
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