Tying the Gasolina Perdigon and the DNA Worm

Tying the Gasolina Perdigon and the DNA Worm

We just released two fly tying tutorials. In the first tutorial I teach you how to tie the famous Gasolina Perdigon and take you through a bunch of the different possibilities there are for the body material. This is a very good pattern I've used for a long time. It also happens to be the pattern that I caught this giant brown trout on while in Spain. You can find the materials for this tutorial in this category on our website or in the links below.


Hook: Fulling Mill Jig Force Short or Dohiku 303

Bead: TFF Slotted Tungsten Bead or Inverting Bead in copper. Gold and silver are also good options. 

Tail: Coq de Leon

Thread: 16/0 Veevus. I use dark tan, brown, or black. The thread color will help determine the overall final color of the fly. 

Hotspot thread: 16/0 Veevus fl. orange

Wingcase: Black UV Craft Resin

Body: Clear UV Craft Resin

In our second tutorial, I tie the DNA Worm. This pattern is a more durable substitute for the Squirmy Worm. It won't melt in your boxes and it will survive trout teeth better as well. Give it a try on any river where worms are successful and let us know how they work for you. 


Hook: Dohiku 303

Bead: TFF Slotted Tungsten Bead in copper or metallic light pink

Thread: 16/0 Veevus in red. Uni 8/0 is a good option for those of you wanting a bit larger thread. 

Body: Two strands of Hareline Life Flex twisted together. I like red and fl. pink but other combinations would work as well. 

That's all for now. We thank you for your continued support of tacticalflyfisher.com

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