Virginia Midge Fly Tying Tutorial

Virginia Midge Fly Tying Tutorial

A year ago I saw a photo of a midge perdigon that caught my eye on Facebook from a fly tyer named Jarid Church. The fly had the appearance of being simple but deadly, which is always my favorite fly tying combination. I tied some and took them to the river with a lot of success on a local tailwater with picky trout. Since then I've used the pattern on a range of rivers and it has been consistently successful and especially good for sight fishing. Learn to tie it by clicking the video below and you can buy the materials for the fly at the links below the video. 


Hook: Dohiku 644. Could also use the Dohiku 303.

Dohiku HDG 644 scud/caddis pupa hook (20)

Bead: Slotted or inverting copper tungsten bead sized to preferred weight Tactical Fly Fisher inverting tungsten beads. 50 pack (gold, silver, copper, black nickel and unfinished) (2.5 mm, Copper)

Tactical Fly Fisher Slotted Tungsten Beads 50 pack Silver, Gold, Copper, Black Nickel, and Unfinished Tungsten (Copper, 2mm)

Thread: Rusty dun or tan UNI 8/0 UNI 8/0 Thread (Rusty Dun)

Hotspot thread: Veevus 16/0 Fl. Orange Veevus 16/0 Thread (Fl. Orange - 15)

Rib: Hends Perdigon tinsel #1 or Semperfli Perdigon Body Iridescent Pearl Hends Perdigon Tinsel Fine (01 Pearl/transparent)

Semperfli Perdigon Body (Iridescent Pearl)

Superglue: Loctite Brush On Loctite Brush On Superglue

Resin: Solarez Bone Dry Solarez Bone Dry UV Cure Resin

Tools Bobbin Griffin Supreme Ceramic Bobbin

Scissors Tiemco Razor Scissors

Uv light Tactical Fly Fisher Universal UV Resin Curing Light

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