Tying the Doppelganger Pheasant Tail

Tying the Doppelganger Pheasant Tail

Like most tyers, I'm constantly tinkering with new materials to see if they improve patterns or make them easier to tie without sacrificing their effectiveness. When we started carrying Semperfli Micro Fritz in the shop, I saw how thin the diameter was and realized that it had the potential to be able to work as a body for smaller patterns. I also noticed that there were several colors that were perfect for faux pheasant tail nymphs. I tied up a few variations and took them to the river that next week for their first outing. They did not disappoint, and the trout liked them seemingly as much as actual pheasant tail nymphs. 

Over the last 18 months I've fished the Doppelganger Pheasant Tail in a variety of rivers with similar success. The Semperfli Micro Fritz makes this pattern incredibly quick to tie and it is inherently durable without the need for a ribbing to reinforce it. It has now become a mainstay in my nymph boxes and I reach for it as confidently as I do for pheasant tail nymphs. I hope you'll add some to your box and let me know how they work for you. And if you don't tie flies, this pattern will be available from Fulling Mill in 2025. 

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