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El Baron

El Baron

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This unique style of dry is commonplace in Europe but very hard to find here in the United States, We are THRILLED to be able to offer these to you, tied by Oscar Q.

The Baron is an amazing Spanish answer to the global fly fishing conundrum of trout feeding on mature mayflies. Lots of mayfly species take on a 'rusty' color when they transition from the Dun (or sub-imago) stage to the Spinner (or imago) phase. Trout the world over have a particular penchant for these 'rusty spinners' and there are a plethora of fly options available to fishermen today who encounter fish feeding on these dainty morsels. This pattern has fast become our first choice in these scenarios. The elegant tails, burgundy body and large grey wings are all important characteristics of an effective rusty spinner and on display in El Baron.


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