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Finn Fly Fishing Fly Rod Balancing Kit

Finn Fly Fishing Fly Rod Balancing Kit

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I've used lots of different tricks to balance my euro nymph rods over the years, but I recently tried this Finn Fly Rod Balancing kit to balance some of my longer nymph rods and have been pleased with the results. With a simple snap of the magnet around the rod I have quickly moved the balance point of several longer nymph rods an inch or more into the cork. Those rods have felt lighter in the hand and have been easier to start and stop on casts with the improved balance point being under my hand. This kit is slick and easy to use. (Devin)

- 3 balancing rings per package (approximately .5oz each)  

- comes with a metal storage tin

Here's what Finn has to say:

"Improve your fly rod performance and increase your comfort while fishing with a perfectly balanced fly rod and reel. The FINN Rod Balancing Kit is the first of its kind. Enabling you to quickly and easily balance your fly rod and reel in just a few seconds without worrying about finding the perfectly weighted reel or re-rigging your fly rod setup. 


- Reduce arm and shoulder strain

- Quickly balance any fly rod and reel*

- Maximize rod performance and control

- Increase rod sensitivity

- Improve casting

- Lightens your total carry weight


- Stretches to fit any fly rod

- Interchangeable design

- RodShield soft outer coating

- Strong magnetic clasp

- Perfectly weighted for balance

- Eco-friendly metals

- Lightweight tin case

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