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Soldarini Hydropsyche Precision XUL Sensytip Rod

Soldarini Hydropsyche Precision XUL Sensytip Rod

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Literally two rods for the (quite reasonable) price of one!  The Hydropsyche Precision XUL offers the angler two different actions and weights thanks to two tips that are interchangeable on the same rod. The owner can choose between a lighter, faster action tip or a heavier, slower action tip depending on conditions. For anglers who are looking for a do-it-all rod at an affordable price. 

- Rod comes with two different tips to accommodate different fishing scenarios  

- Carbon fiber core down locking reel seat

- AAA grade cork handle  

- Black, matte finish blank with black thread wraps and copper accent wraps

- Single foot guides and a single stripping guide 

- Comes with ylon, partitioned rod tube with carrying strap 

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