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Tactical Fly Fisher

Tungsten Taco Egg (all colors)

Tungsten Taco Egg (all colors)

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"The Tungsten Taco is the only egg pattern I use anymore. It's a no-nonsense pattern that I can tie lots of quickly. If you don't tie flies or don't want to spend your finite time spinning up eggs, don't fret, we've got you covered. These flies are tied to my exact specifications by Zach Kirsch of Fly Crafter Flies. All flies are tied on sz. 14 hooks with varying bead sizes." - Devin

  • All flies tied using Dohiku HDJ Jig Hooks, Flybox UK brand Eggstacy and our proprietary tungsten slotted beads 
  • Available in our most used colors: Fl. Cheese, Sockeye and Fl. Peach 


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