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Adams Max Black Euro Nymph Rod

Adams Max Black Euro Nymph Rod

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This rod was built to be a trophy trout Euro nymphing/jig streamer rod. Think of it as a 4 weight and not a 3 weight when compared to other Euro nymphing rods. It is similar in flex profile to the T and T Contact II 10' 9" 4 weight. I have enjoyed fishing it on large rivers with large fish where leverage for deep water hook sets and fighting fish are needed. (Devin)

Warranty Repair Prices 2023: 60€( plus shipping)( 5 year warranty)

Adam's says:

Without a doubt, next to our great love of euro-nymphing, there is an undeniable addiction for catching big fish and with big fish in mind, MAX BLACK was born. What do we consider a big fish? Well, the size of a trophy will depend on the size and inherent productivity of a particular river, so in terms of rod performance, the MAX BLACK series were designed to target fish in sizes from 3 to 12 lbs, no matter the species. Our other rod series, like the MAX EVO or the XTZ can also handle big fish but were not designed for the sole purpose of hunting specimen fish, which after all is part of our daily business, so it was only a matter of time for us to refocus.

As we have been able to extend our playgrounds to Slovenia, Chile and Argentina, our team members have been able to broaden their horizon and gain a great deal of experience. The MAX BLACK series draw some of their DNA from fishing untouched waters with hard fighting trophy fish.

 What makes a big-fish-euro-nymphing rod?

-A huge amount of backbone, for one, it provides greater control of the fish at any moment during the fight.

-A soft tip section to protect fine tippets, some big fish are not necessarily targeted with large nymph patterns.

-Superb sensitivity, to be able to feel even the subtlest takes those often highly educated fish are capable of.

-Ultra fast tip recovery, this ensures high casting accuracy and reduces line tangling, oftentimes you only get one cast before you spook the fish.

-Physical light weight and perfect balance, let’s face it: you are at it for hours at a time and it can be mentally and physically challenging.

-A versatile rod that allows you to cast single tiny nymphs, as well as a dry-droppers and large zonker jig nymphs, only by adjusting your preferred euro-
nymphing rig.

 What are the challenges anglers will face when targeting big fish?

First of all, there is no straight rule about where to find large fish. In larger rivers it seems to be obvious, but small tributary water can also have its perks, it all depends on the food resources and cover the ecosystem has on offer. With this in mind we have chosen a rod length of 10,5 ft and a 3-weight line, which allows the angler to cover most scenarios he can be faced with. It is a sensible choice as a dedicated specimen hunter is likely to move around a lot to find productive water.

Our 10.5 foot, sanded and unpainted nano-carbon fiber rod blank, in combination with black ultra-light wire single-foot guides not only provides perfect stealth to approach spooky fish, there’s also a considerable savings in weight by leaving any paint off the rod. This proves useful in lower swing weight in the tip section and provides an ultra-fast tip recovery.

The ultra-fast action is also beneficial on windy days, for long accurate casts without overloading the rod: the instant recovery reduces line tangles around the tip section considerably, be they traditional overhead, roll or arrow casts. To reduce line slack to a minimum, we went for an 11+1 guide formula: 10 light wire single foot guides and 1 triple leg stripping guide with SIC insert placed 20cm above the carbon handle: large loop guides allow any line/leader knot to pass through with ease.

The MAX BLACK benefits from the same carbon handle used our Adams XTZ rods, a carbon fiber handle developed in collaboration with CFX. Not only does it have a unique ergonomic design, but with its Vibra-Core material it also transmits the most minute resonance from the blank into the angler’s hand. Enhanced sensitivity is crucial for a big fish rod, the angler needs to be able to detect even the most subtle takes large fish are known for.

 There are several reasons why we wanted a 3-weight line over a 4, a 5 or even beyond:

The hunt for big fish does not mean you will pass up on smaller fish occasionally, the challenge lies in the fact you want to tackle trophy fish with standard trout gear, but with a slightly more powerful rod. That rod still requires the sensitivity and ability for discreet presentation: often those smaller nymphs, in faster, deeper water are the better choice to fool a wary trophy. Once hooked, a noodly rod won’t help when it comes to quickly gain control of a big fish. In addition to that, local fishing regulations disregard the use of more than one fly per leader or the use of additional weight outside the fly. A 3-weight like our MAX BLACK
will behave more like a sensitive 2-weight while the butt section has 5wt written all over it; it is a powerful fishing tool, physically light and perfectly balanced. It has a down-locking CNC-machined aluminum reel seat with a carbon spacer and our signature Adams Balanced Fighting Butt which acts as a counterweight, offering enhanced comfort during the fight … and is simply good-looking.

 MAX BLACK features are:

-sanded, unpainted nano-carbon fiber rod blank

-10 black ultra light wire large loop single foot fly guides

-1 black triple legged SIC stripping guide

-black down-locking CNC-machined aluminum reel seat with carbon spacer

-Adams Carbon Handle

-Adams Balanced Fighting Butt with Adams logo inlay

-triangular Cordura-covered PVC rod tube with dividers and shoulder strap


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