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Airflo Euro Nymph Line .60mm

Airflo Euro Nymph Line .60mm

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Aside from FIPS-Mouche rules outlawing "mono rigs" in competition several years ago, we have strongly preferred ultralight 'euro' lines to pure monofilament ever since we got our hands on them. Fly line handles much better than monofilament. You have more control when casting, drifting and fighting fish and even the mono core euro lines are less prone to coiling and tangling than a true spool of straight mono fishing line. Relative to more conventional fly line tapers the micro diameter and weight of euro lines eliminates sag in the guides, heightening strike detection and increasing the range at which you can successfully attain a natural drift.

Airflo has dominated the European fly line market for years, due in no small part to their legendary durability and well thought out taper designs. Their euro nymphing specific 'level' line comes with a supple, yet low stretch, braided core, a fishy olive-drab color and hot orange tip for better strike detection and their proprietary 'Super dri' technology for excellent flotation when your line is actually on the water. This line comes with phenomenally small welded micro loops on each end.   

*note: The attached welded loop on this line is very small and should work well to connect most leaders directly. While this is a braid core line, it's a variety of braid that makes the super glue splice not possible. You can also nail knot leaders to the line or make your own micro loop as I show in this video. How to Make a Euro Nymph Line Micro Loop - YouTube

  • 90ft 
  • braid core
  • olive/orange color scheme
  • welded micro loops on either end 

*Clear version of line is a mono-core line.*


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