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Airflo Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet - 30M

Airflo Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet - 30M

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Airflo's new and improved premium grade fluorocarbon tippet. Airflo's ingenious rubber retaining band that sits outside the edge of the spool helps eliminate the "missing end" that can be so frustrating on many other tippet spools where you have to practically dissemble the spool on the water searching for the end. 

30 Meter spools

1X - 12.5LB
2X - 11LB
3X - 8.7LB
4X - 7.2LB
4.5X - 6LB
5X - 5LB
5.5X - 4.4LB
6X - 3.7LB
6.5X - 3.1LB
7X - 2.5LB

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