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Baetis Fly Fishing

Baetis 500BL Midge Dry Fly Hook

Baetis 500BL Midge Dry Fly Hook

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As many of you know, the smaller you go with hooks, tippet, rod weights etc... the smaller the margin for error. We're on a constant search for the strongest small hooks we can find and trying to find a strong, small, light wire dry fly hook is a particular challenge. These hooks from Baetis, of Spain, are sticky and strong for being so light. They're an excellent choice for tying small mayflies and midges. Great, also, for flies like the Klinkhammer, Smoke Jumper and Shuttlecock.  

- 20 hooks per package 

- light wire 

- exaggerated Klinkhammer geometry  

Measured total hook lengths are:

  • #16 = 7.7 mm
  • #18 = 6.5 mm
  • #20 = 5.7 mm
  • #22 = 5.1 mm
  • #24 = 4.5 mm
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