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Bionic Ant 2.0

Bionic Ant 2.0

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The Bionic Ant has become the dry fly I fish most. 

Spring through fall, ants are on the Trout’s menu. Whether I’m on a small stream, or floating a larger river, the Bionic Ant is buoyant enough to handle a dropper, or is incredibly effective when fished alone, tight to the bank. 

Version 2.0 has a white wing for extra visibility, and larger legs for an improved silhouette. 

The Bionic Ant 2.0 is also available in two new colors. A purple version, and a brown version complement the standard black option.  From the imitative black or brown, to the attractor style purple. 

The Bionic Ant 2.0 options have you covered for small to medium sized terrestrials.

- Signature Tyer Lance Egan

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