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C&F Design Bobbin Holder Midge/Long CFT-61L

C&F Design Bobbin Holder Midge/Long CFT-61L

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It is a bobbin holder with a head that is about 10 mm longer than the midge regular.

The slight distance between the hands that grip the bobbin holder makes the tension around the thread on the hook more delicate.
This is a bobbin holder that you should try for tires that frequently cut ultra-fine threads during tying.
It is also recommended for tires with large hands, regular size bobbin holders that are difficult to grip.

● Uses high-quality ceramic (zirconia) tubes to prevent thread breakage.
-One dedicated bobbin threader is included.
● By opening and closing the arm, adjust it so that appropriate tension can be obtained.
● When applying strong tension to the thread, be careful not to break due to too much load on the ceramic tube.
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