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C&F Design Bobbin Holder Standard Regular CFT-60

C&F Design Bobbin Holder Standard Regular CFT-60

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The most versatile, basic, high quality bobbin holder.

Standard length and thick tube can be used for threads in various sizes, making them versatile.
It has a weight of 17g/0.6oz so that the fixed material will not loosen even if you release your hand.
The micro-slit foam set at the bottom entrance will prevent the thread from getting tangled in the arm, ensuring comfortable fly tying.

● Uses high-quality ceramic (zirconia) tube that prevent threads from breakage.
● A dedicated bobbin threader is included.
● By opening and closing the arm, adjust it so that the appropriate tension can be obtained.
● When applying strong tension to the thread, be careful not to apply too much load to the ceramic tube and break it.
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