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C&F Fly Threaders

C&F Fly Threaders

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One of the great frustrations every angler inevitably grapples with during his or her career is difficulty threading flies! An affliction for the young and old alike, if you've ever stood on the banks of an icy river and tried for the 18th time to poke a piece of 6x through a sz. 22 hook eye with fingers so numbed from cold that their only sign of life is their incessant shaking... then you just might find use of the C & F Fly Threaders.

One more in a long line of ingenious solutions from the great angling innovators themselves, C & F, these threaders can be kept bare in your pack until needed or have flies preloaded on them in the warmth and light of your own home. Simply poke the threader through the hook eye, thread the tippet through the threader itself, pull the fly off and Voila!

Less hassle, quicker re-rig times, more fish.   

  • 601 is for roughly 16-20 size flies
  • 602 is for roughly 20-26 size flies
  • 604 is for roughly 24-32 size flies
  • S stands for short
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