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Demmon Competition STS 920 BL Hooks

Demmon Competition STS 920 BL Hooks

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At an incredibly good price, these Demmon hooks from Troutline have proved to be quite sturdy in our recent testing, and have landed several large Wyoming trout for us even in the smaller sizes, prompting us to bring them in to provide a line of hooks that is strong and budget-friendly.  

Here's what they have to say about them.

Demmon Competition STS920 BL Fly Hooks is a new hook developed for strong and big fish. The particularity of this hook is the shank - short, to let the tier to make blobs, lake flies, small streamers or to tie articulated flies and to give the maximum mobility in water.

The small sizes like #12 and #14 are fantastic for spiders and other wet flies with short bodies!

Technical Details:

  • Eye - Down
  • Wire- 2X Strong
  • Shape-standard wet with special round bend
  • Forged
  • Finish- Black Nickel
  • Point: Long Barbless curved inside
  • Bags of 25pcs

Hook Lengths are as follows.

  • #18 -9.9mm
  • #16 -10.4mm
  • #14 -12.4mm
  • #12 -14.0mm
  • #10 -15.9mm
  • #8   -17.6mm
  • #6   -19.2mm

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