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Cortland Euro Nymph Lines

Cortland Euro Nymph Lines

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Aside from FIPS-Mouche rules outlawing "mono rigs" in competition several years ago, we have strongly preferred ultralight 'euro' lines to pure monofilament ever since we got our hands on them. Fly line handles much better than monofilament. You have more control when casting, drifting and fighting fish and even the mono core euro lines are less prone to coiling and tangling than a true spool of straight mono fishing line. Relative to more conventional fly line tapers the micro diameter and weight of euro lines eliminates sag in the guides, heightening strike detection and increasing the range at which you can successfully attain a natural drift.

Mono core lines are a bit easier to cast and offer the most direct connection to the fish. Braid core lines give the angler more options to connect the leader to the line (super glue splice, micro loop etc...) and are less prone to coiling. Cortland lines are as durable and reliable as any we've found. If a quality issue should arise, their customer service is some of the best in the business, a feature of their company that has made us big fans.   

  • 90ft total length
  • The 0.022" diameter line is the thinnest diameter that is legal in competitions governed by FIPS-Mouche rules.
  • Mono core comes in 'gecko' green 
  • Braid core comes in two colors, chartreuse or sage green  
  • Loop-less on both ends of the line
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