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Diamondback Ideal Nymph Reel

Diamondback Ideal Nymph Reel

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Thanks to Austin Curtin for the thumbnail product photo.

Diamondback’s Ideal Nymph reels are a complex five-axis machined reel with a 40 gram adjustable weight system designed to optimize the performance tactical nymph anglers require from a fly reel. Ideal Nymph reel designs reflect years of experience fishing nymph techniques and dealing with the problems and challenges that fishing long European style leaders can present. Every aspect of how an angler interacts with a nymphing reel has been carefully considered during the design of Ideal Nymph reels, with top competitive anglers providing their insight and suggestions. Here are the performance specific features:

  • A unique reel foot shape that improves the balance point of the rod similar to a downlocking reel seat, while maintaining an industry standard foot shape that will fit all standard reel seats. All reels come with a hex wrench to flip the reel foot if you flip the retrieve direction.
  • An extra narrow gap and diameter tolerance between the frame and spool which minimizes the potential for line getting caught between those surfaces at any time.
  • A five-axis CNC machined closed frame provides an ultra smooth rounded surface to protect ultra-thin fly lines and micro leaders when line is pulled off the reel at any speed from any angle!
  • An extra large and wide handle shape makes it easy to find by feel without looking for it.
  • Three small silicone rings around the wide shape handle make it easy to grip and spin, even if the reel or fingers are wet.
  • A large diameter spool that spins easily with one quick turn -- allowing several feet of line to be picked up very quickly -- particularly with the larger 3/4 model designed to put fish on the reel with one quick spin of the spool in most nymphing circumstances.
  • The reel has an exposed rim to allow line pick-up  by “batting” the outside rim (similar to a centerpin reel function), or manipulate manual pressure while fighting a fish with a lighter drag setting.
  • A drag far more capable than a nymph reel could possibly need. Two full turns of effective range providing smooth pressure and minimal startup inertia for trout size resistance with a high end suitable for saltwater gamefish.
  • A distinct incoming and outgoing audible clicking noise, even at the lightest drag settings.
  • Thoughtfully considered integrated counter balance weight system, comprised of four 10 gram (0.35oz) removable counter balance weights. Reel base weights and loaded options selected to provide optimal balance points for high performance nymph rods.
  • Matte black finish black colored 10 gram counter weights and retention screws for a stealthy approach to the fish without flash or reflection.
Size Frame diameter

Weight (weights & screws removed

with no fly line)

Loaded weight options with

added weights but no fly line

1/2 3.4" x 1" 4.51oz


3/4 3.8" x 1" 4.79oz 5.15oz
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