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Airflo Euro Nymph Shorty

Airflo Euro Nymph Shorty

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If you haven't yet decided to commit entirely to the euro-nymphing way of life but would like to dabble a bit more seriously, this 22' Airflo Shorty is perfect for you. Just use the loop to loop connection to put it on the end of your regular fly line, add a leader of your choice and you are ready to go. 

Airflo says:

Just like our Euro Nymph fly lines the Euro Short is super thin at just 0.55mm but this time just 22ft long. Featuring a very supple coating with incredibly low stretch, the Euro Short gives great strike detection and performance on the water. This unique line offers a quick and simple way to convert your conventional fly fishing set up to a Euro Nymph setup in seconds and the hi-vis orange tip ensures you see even the smallest of eats every bit as much as feel them.

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