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Fasna Worm Chenille

Fasna Worm Chenille

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This worm chenille from Fasna is perfect for small wiggly worms. It is very similar to Eggstacy Nano which I have been using for worms for several years. I tie it just onto the bend of the hook and wrap a couple of wraps at the base of the tail to reduce fouling around the hook. (Devin)

 Here's what Fasna has to say:

Worm Chenille has a core which is double woven, because of this quality the chenille remains intact and you do not have to take other measures to prevent fiber loss.
With its size of 1mm, it is very lively in the water, and therefore also a material that is often used for worm patterns.
Where you could not make fly smaller than a size 12 hook with the regular squirmy material, you can make imitations on a size 16 hook with this worm chenille.
Also ideal for bodies and hotspots.

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