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Ferreras Tippet Wallet from Spain

Ferreras Tippet Wallet from Spain

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These tippet dispensing wallets are hand sewn by a friend in Spain. They are very popular with Spanish competitors, and I (Devin) have been using one for a while now.

Each wallet stores 4 spools of tippet in separate pouches that are enclosed with Velcro. I remove the tippet spool tenders from each of the spools before putting them in a pouch. I then stagger the tips of the tippet protruding from each pouch so that I can quickly grab the size I want and pull off a length of tippet. The only job is to memorize which diameters you have in each pocket but that isn't hard if you go from smallest to largest in order.  If you find the tension a bit too much you can squeeze the dispenser lengthwise to release tension and make the tippet easier to pull out. The dispenser comes with Velcro on the back so that you can attach it to the exterior of your pack. I attach it to a retractor and slip it in an external sleeve on my chest pack and then use the Velcro to fluff poly yarn wings on dry flies. This dispenser has saved me quite a bit of time and made the job of rerigging a bit easier.

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