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Fishpond Tacky Pescador XL Fly Boxes

Fishpond Tacky Pescador XL Fly Boxes

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Fishpond's Tacky boxes are well known for a reason. They have grippy inserts with what feels like the perfect spacing, with firm grip on the flies, but not so firm it's difficult to insert or remove the flies. The Pescador XL is a press-close box held closed by the waterproofing gasket, making it easy to open but still watertight. The center leaf (sold separately) doubles the capacity and easily clicks into the center of the box. This box is quite large and would be best used as a boat box or carried in a backpack or a sling/hip pack. 

Flies not included.

Fishpond says:

If you’re preparing for a trip across the globe, or simply looking for the ultimate box for floating your home water, the Pescador XL Fly Box stands above the rest. Our signature waterproof gasket offers quick access while keeping your large flies out of the elements. With a tremendous carrying capacity of up to 464 flies and an optional add-on fly page, there’s no better way to keep your largest arsenal of bugs and baitfish.

Our expansion insert integrates seamlessly into your Pescador XL Box, more than doubling its carrying capacity to up to 1096 flies. This is the ultimate boat box set up with plenty of storage for anything that’s on the menu.

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