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Fly Banjo

Fly Banjo

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Years ago, some of us learned how to dry off our flies using the vibrations of a rubber band. We’d attach one end to our gear, hook a fly to the other end, pull the tippet tight and pluck the rubber band. This motion would send a vibration down to the fly, causing the water to shed off in a spray-like manner. This technique was very effective, but after a day or two of UV exposure, the bands would quickly degrade and break, leaving the material in the environment and, worse yet, leaving us without a rubber band for the rest of the day. No bueno.

We knew this system could be redesigned. So we played with many different materials, diameters, lengths, frequencies and overall designs to finally reveal the simple and durable product needed to replace the unreliable rubber band. Because the plucking technique is reminiscent of a banjo, we called the product the FLY BANJO. When used properly, it will produce a satisfying twang as you pluck your fly dry.

The FLY BANJO provides a chemical-free and efficient solution to drying any fly - wet, skunked or not floating adequately. You should still dress your fly with a silicone-based solution but you will not need to rely on excessive blowing, false casting or chemical powders to dry your fly. After catching a fish or dragging a fly through the water, simply pluck your fly a few times and it's just like it left the vice
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