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Flybox Holo Polar Chenille

Flybox Holo Polar Chenille

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This is a long-fibered chenille great for adding flash to your large streamers. Contains scraggly flash fibers and some finer soft fibers attached to a braid perfect for palmering around the hook shank. Very similar to Senyo's Aqua Veil Chenille. Easily trimmable for different profiles and fiber lengths. Can even be cut off the braid and mixed into custom brushes/dubbing loops. 


Flybox says:

Holo Polar Chenille is the first ever product with new ‘Mobile Holographic Fibre’ – which is cut thinner to make it more mobile in the water compared to standard holographic tinsel.   This wavy straggle is perfect for all fly types – from Trout, Salmon, Predator and comes in a stunning range of 12x colours – many of which feature 2x different colours of holographic.

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