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Fulling Mill

Fulling Mill 5155 Tactical Big Bug Hook

Fulling Mill 5155 Tactical Big Bug Hook

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A slightly curved shank hook for hoppers, Stimulators, and stonefly nymphs. 

Measured hook lengths are:

  • #4 = 33.0 mm
  • #8 = 25.2 mm
  • #12 = 19.7 mm

What Fulling Mill says:

The ultimate 'Big Bug' hooks, whether you're tying large foam terrestrials or big juicy stonefly nymphs this hook is perfect for the job. This hook as a non-reflective black nickel finish, keeping things subtle and sharp!

  • Continuous curve
  • 3x long
  • Claw point
  • Non-reflective black.
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