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Fulling Mill

Fulling Mill Fly Patch

Fulling Mill Fly Patch

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Fulling Mill sent me a preproduction sample of the fly patch in spring 2023. I used it to replace the C&F chest patch I was fishing at the time. The Fulling Mill fly patch has been great. It makes a great working box that I keep on the outside of my chest pack for easy reach to flies I'm sorting through on the day. There is a small gap on each side to allow air to flow through and flies to dry out. The foam holds flies securely though and I don't lose them out the sides. I now have two of them on my chest pack which has reduced the need to reach into my bulkier boxes inside my chest pack. The magnetic on the front holds flies you might be tying to the rig at the moment, and you can also stick them to the foam on the outside. There are also holes on the top to attach cords to a lanyard. (Devin)

Introducing the FLY PATCH, the latest addition to our expanding range of MADE IN UK, premium fly storage solutions. Whether you want to pin it on to your chest pack, wader strap or shirt, or use it with a lanyard, it’s ready to go. Made using high performance closed cell foam, this box has twin slotted internal foam pads with room for 180 flies, whilst the outside benefits from no less than three magnetic staging areas and a flat foam top pad, for easy storage as required. Available in Red, Blue & Grey.

Approximate dimensions are 4.75"x 3" x 1.2"

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