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Grey's Tital Fly Reel

Grey's Tital Fly Reel

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The Tital is a great option for an affordable machined reel for standard or Euro nymphing set ups. It has a sealed drag and a full cage frame to prevent line and leader slipping between the frame and spool when Euro nymphing. 

Here's what Greys has to say:

Greys all new flagship fly reel is fully constructed in bar stock aluminium and fitted with either a fresh or saltwater sealed disc drag system. As part of the new Greys fly reel design concept, it shares many design traits with the other reels in the range, including a stunning large arbour design, simple secure spool release, high level manufacturing and finishing techniques, and high performance drag system combined with the increased impact resistance of full barstock construction .

  • High quality barstock, machine finished construction
  • Sealed Carbon disc drag system
  • Modern large arbor industrial design
  • Supplied with reel pouch
  • 3/4 size weighs 6.3 oz and will balance longer Euro rods well (10' 6" and longer)
  • 3/4 will fit 50 yards of backing with a standard WF 4 weight line
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