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Guru LWG barbless hook

Guru LWG barbless hook

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I came across the Guru family of hooks while looking for the strongest, smallest barbless hooks I could find. These are an innovation from the world of carp angling but they're extremely at home on any trout stream! 

The LWG is the light wire model (see the Guru MWG for the heavy wire version), great for short-body nymphs or dries. The 20 is a true 20. these hooks run a bit small so expect that the size you're purchasing will be a size smaller than what it's labelled (e.g. a size 10 is more of a 12 and a 14 iscloser to a 16 etc.) 

* These have historically come with a bronze finish but Guru recently switched over to a PTFE coating which makes them stronger but also gives them a black nickel finish. We will strive to send you all the same coating if you order multiple sizes but inventory may dictate that we send you two different coating 'styles'. 

- Light wire

- Short shank

- Straight eye

10 hooks per pack

Measured total hook lengths are:

  • #12 = 11.4 mm
  • #14 = 9.5 mm
  • #16 = 7.8 mm
  • #18 = 7.5 mm
  • #20 = 6.5 mm
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