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Hanner's Hot Bead Jolly Rancher

Hanner's Hot Bead Jolly Rancher

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Our friend Randy Hanner has been a fixture of the competitive angling scene in North America for years. This bugger variant is excellent in stillwaters everywhere, whether you're dealing with stocked or wild fish. IT fishes well both stripped or hung under an indicator.  

Here's what Randy has to say: 

"The Jolly Rancher is a fly that comes from my days competing as a member of the U.S. Fly Fishing team.  I found at times that smaller, bugger style flies performed better than standard sizes, especially with pressured fish, or in lakes where there were large populations of damsel nymphs.  The name Jolly Rancher is indicative of the candy because fish eat it like candy! The main characteristic that sets it apart from standard bugger style flies is the long, thin tail.  This gives it a slim profile and lots of movement.  The use of a jig hook was inspired by many days in my youth spent fishing for bluegill and crappie in southern Missouri farm ponds.  Using a jig hook you are more likely to hook a fish in the top part of the mouth and less likely to lose a fish once it is hooked, especially at a distance. The Jolly Rancher can be fished under an indicator or by fishing it with a slow hand twist retrieve.  It is effective in both cold and warm water environments for all types of species."

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