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Hardy Ultradisc Cassette Fly Reel

Hardy Ultradisc Cassette Fly Reel

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Note: I just switched my lake lines over to this reel and it works very well. Because of the full frame design, this reel would also work well for those wanted a Euro nymphing reel that they can swap quickly to a dry fly line without having to pay the price for a metal spool. (Devin)

Hardy set new standards in 2008 with the introduction of the first high-end cassette reel system seen on the market. That bar raised yet again with the all new Ultradisc cassette reel. The all-new frame design allows significant weight saving and incorporates a built-in line guard design that effortlessly controls thin running lines. A full disc drag system provides ample stopping power with fine adjustment, and the large arbor polycarbonate spools result in rapid line recovery. Finally, the re-introduction of the much loved "CLS" locking system offers simple, fast, and reliable spool change time and time again.

  • The 4/5 reel weighs 5.9 oz, the 6/7 reel is 6.4 oz, and the 7/8 reel is 6.7 oz
  • The 4/5 reel holds 50 yards of backing with a 5 weight line, the 6/7 reel holds 50 yards of backing with a 7 weight line, and the 7/8 reel holds 50 yards of backing with an 8 weight line. 
  • The reel comes with 2 spare cassettes (3 total).
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