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Hareline Senyo's Laser Dub

Hareline Senyo's Laser Dub

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A popular dubbing from the legendary Greg Senyo. Laser dub is mainly used on larger flies like streamers to build bulk without using a bunch of material that weighs a lot while casting. Can be spun in or tied in in clumps and manipulated around the hook shank. Use behind marabou or soft hackles to keep them flared out and pushing water, or on its own as the main body of minnow/scupin patterns. Pictured fly is a pine squirrel jig streamer with laser dub tied in behind the collar to build more bulk and flash, tied by our own Brad Green. 

Hareline says:

A unique custom mix that we have developed along with fly designer Greg Senyo. It can be used as wings, collars, dubbed bodies or veiled-wool style heads. It is a mix of Ice Dub and 1-1/2 inch acrylic staple fiber. A must for Salmon, Steelhead and saltwater patterns.

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