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Hitena Paranix Multi-polymer Tippet

Hitena Paranix Multi-polymer Tippet

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I've been experimenting with Hitena Paranix tippet since early 2020. It is a very unique tippet material with a different structure than fluorocarbon and copolymer nylon. It is very stiff, so I mainly have nymphed with it in 7x, 7.5x, and 8x and "nymphed" streamers with it in 6x. However, it is strong for its diameter and very abrasion resistant. I make sure to stretch it when I first take it off the spool, which straightens the coils it leaves the spool with. I also use a 16/20 knot to my flies which maximizes the strength of the tippet to fly connection. Note: Hitena does not use the standard diameters for their X scale. The material is a full size larger than what the label says when compared to other tippet. For example, 7x is the normal 6x diameter, 8x is the normal 7x diameter, etc.  (Devin)


Here's what Hitena has to say: 

"Paranix is completely new fly tippet material that has never existed in fishing before. Hitena's R&D and polymerization/spinning technology made it possible to bring this magical multi-polymer tippet to fly fishers. We'll guarantee any tippet currently existing in the market never comes even close to Paranix in performance. In addition, Paranix will bring more fun to fly fishing by removing odd jobs to straighten tippet. Due to the far superior tensile strength and knot strength, you might want to consider downsizing tippet which will add another benefit of slimmer tippet for the same job. Coupled with its already better clarity than other tippet materials, Paranix will be even less visible. Both lab test results and more than a year of field test in fresh and saltwater prove it."

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