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Hitena Supernix Multi-polymer Tippet

Hitena Supernix Multi-polymer Tippet

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A very high-strength nylon-based multi-polymer. Hitena markets it as a dry fly tippet that floats better than regular mono, but in finer diameters it can be used perfectly well as nymphing tippet also. Available in a clear and a camo version that integrates spots of pigment into the tippet to break up the outline of the tippet and make it blend in with the particulates floating in the water. 

Hitena says:

 New nylon-based multi-polymer material that floats even better than mono for dry fly.
- Density 1.09 is lower than that of mono and virtually floating on moving water
The strongest tippet available in the market
Ultra Sensitivity - Far less stretching than any other mono/fluorocarbon tippets 
Abrasion resistance even better than fluorocarbon tippets
Very low memory - Kink or coiling almost straightens out at moderate stretch applied (No pinch/scrape with fingers)

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