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JMC Yoto Semi-Automatic Fly Reel

JMC Yoto Semi-Automatic Fly Reel

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The JMC Yoto has been one of the most popular semi-automatic fly reels in Europe since its release. I've seen quite a few of them at the World Fly Fishing Championships over the years. It has a machined aluminum body, a large arbor, a knob on the spool release to control the drag pressure, and it retrieves about 2 meters of line with each pull on the lever. These reels have an enclosed frame to prevent the leader and line slipping between the frame and spool They will work well for traditional fly fishing techniques as well as Euro nymphing. 

  • Yoto 30 will fit a WF 3 weight line and 20-30 yards of backing. It weighs 4.8 oz.
  • Yoto 50 will fit a WF 5 weight line and 50-60 yards of backing. It weighs 5.2 oz.
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