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Devin Olsen's Lite Brite Perdigon Peacock Variation

Devin Olsen's Lite Brite Perdigon Peacock Variation

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Note: the FM jigs these flies are tied on run about a size larger than labeled. Please factor that into your decision on which size to purchase in addition to the bead size.

My friend Luis Esteban Hernandez first showed me a perdigon nymph back in 2014 while fishing in California together. I was skeptical to begin with but his catch rates on these nymphs were impressive. I started tying my own versions with krystal flash for the body and the California trout found them irresistible. I also quickly noticed how much faster these nymphs sank than other patterns which allowed me to fish them in smaller sizes and with less weight. The Lite Brite Perdigon in all its variations has since become a standby for me across the globe. The attractor based pink, purple, blue and butano (orange) variations have been surprisingly effective in tough rivers where the trout often are reputed to only take tiny imitative nymphs.

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