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Loon Fly Dip

Loon Fly Dip

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Liquid floatants are preferred by many anglers over gel and powder options but generally come at the cost of being a noxious brew of chemicals you want to avoid getting on anything important. The folks at Loon have concocted a liquid floatant option in Fly Dip that you can use on your favorite trout stream with a clean conscience. To use, dip your fly into the jar, give a few wicking false casts to dry it out and start fishing! Works great on yarn indicators as well.  

Here's what Loon has to say: 

"We have tried a lot of dip floatants and love what they do to flies. What we don't love is how they smell, how flammable they are, and how inconsistent they are with our priority to make products that are safe for fish and fisheries. Fly Dip is proof that anglers shouldn't have to choose between a green product and a great product. It is compatible with all flies (including CDC), dries quickly, and can take even soggy flies and bring them back to life. It isn't overstating things to say that this floatant is a "game-changer"." 

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