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Loon Perfect Rig Micro Swivels

Loon Perfect Rig Micro Swivels

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I've had several customers say they prefer using micro swivels in place of tippet rings for their rigs. These swivels from Loon are the smallest ones I've found.

What Loon says:

The solution for stabilizing connections and eliminating line twist.

Throwing big indicator rigs or large, wind-resistant flies can twist your line over time which will result in sloppier casting and increase the likelihood of tangles. The Perfect Rig Micro Swivels eliminate line twist, and provide the perfect connection point for tippet or leader of different sizes. Available in 3 sizes to be at home in every rig.

-15 per pack
-Low Lustre finish
-Elongated eyes reduce snags
-Textured for better grip while tying on
-Reduce line twist

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