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Lid Rig

Mag Box Lite

Mag Box Lite

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A seriously heavy duty box from Lid Rig with removable/customizable magnetic docks and some long compartments for just about any type of fly. 

Lid Rig says:

This customizable, magnetic fly box is one of the coolest you'll ever come across. The innovative Mag Box Lite comes with 3 custom camo Mag Docks included.
Length: 7 in
Width: 5 in
Height: 2 in

Whether it’s stillwater, rivers, or saltwater the Mag Box Lite handles what you need for the day. You can leave the extra boxes at home to eliminate some clutter in your pack or dry box. Streamers, hoppers, nymphs, midges, indicators, splitshot, swivels and more can fit. Toss it on your Mag Pad on the raft or stick your Lid Rig to the outside. The docks work with any of our magnet systems and keep your rigs organized too. It’s about function but it’s also about keeping it light on your next day on the water.
*Flies not included
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