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Magpie Materials

Magpie Materials Polyester Thread

Magpie Materials Polyester Thread

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Magpies Polyester thread lays flat when it isn't spun and is a great substitute for UTC thread.

  • The thread comes in 72 denier and 110 denier. 
  • 140 yards per spool

Here is what Magpie says:

Super premium fly tying thread sourced and spooled in-house. A polyester thread which is strong and flattens out or cords up when desired. Strong for its size, low stretch, but still has a little stretch to increase your feel for thread control. Available in two sizes and 14 colors. The 110D is excellent for hair applications with plenty of punch to wrench down on those elk and deer wings on Stimmies, Ek Hair Caddis, Wulffs, and so on. Bass flies or any larger sized fly, this thread is choice for size 14 and up, but really makes its mark starting at size 12 and getting bigger. The 72D is choice for your typical patterns. Strong, thin, excellent thread for down to size 24s. Try it today! I am confident it will become a favorite.

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