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Magpie Materials

Magpie Materials Primo Caribou

Magpie Materials Primo Caribou

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This is what Stephen at Magpie has to say:

Up for sale are big, beautiful patches of primo caribou hair. These 5x2.5” patches of perfect, straight caribou fur will keep you tying buoyant dry flies for a long time. Caribou compresses very well, providing ease-of-tying and fewer thread wraps. It stacks very easily and its underfur is easily removed. The possibilities are endless. Add a more buoyant wing to the Last Chance Cripple or any caddis dry for an easier-to-dry fish catcher. Caribou is more brittle than deer and elk, but it will last you many fish, unless the bushes bite first.

“The CDC of the Hair World”

Perhaps the highest quality caribou in the market.


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