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Maxima Chameleon

Maxima Chameleon

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"I use Chameleon for making leader butt sections. Its stiffness promotes great energy transfer. This allows me to fish thinner butt sections but still achieve leader turnover. Thinner butt sections weigh less so they sag less when being held off the water." - Devin 

Chameleon is another of Maximas products that the worlds most talented anglers have been leaning on for years. It's uniquely stiff nature makes it an excellent choice for butt sections on all sorts of leaders (euro, dry fly, stillwater, streamer, etc.). It's unusual dark color steers lots of anglers away from fishing it directly to the fly but plenty tie Chameleon straight to whatever bug they're fishing. 

- Extremely stiff monofilament, great for butt sections

- Unique semi-transparent red/brown color

- 27yds per spool 

Here's what Maxima has to say: "No other line can match the strength of Maxima Chameleon. For decades, anglers across the globe have trusted Maxima Chameleon to deliver unparalleled abrasion resistance, knot strength, tensile strength and toughness when the fight’s on. Like its namesake, Chameleon, this line has a unique formulation that enables it to change color hues to match the surrounding water and light conditions. No wonder that steelhead and salmon anglers who fish under some of the most challenging conditions choose Maxima Chameleon. Wherever brute strength is needed or rugged conditions are the norm, Maxima Chameleon excels."

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