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Textreme Midge Thread (75 Denier multi-strand)

Textreme Midge Thread (75 Denier multi-strand)

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With the persistent lack of supply of UTC thread, we went out to find something that would be a suitable substitute, and this brand new thread from Textreme fit the bill. 

This is a multi-strand thread that can be flattened just like UTC70 for super smooth bodies. It is a touch less slick , which is nice if you are going to wrap a slippery rib on like tinsel or something, but still has lots of shine. It doesn't have quite as much strength as UTC so if you are wanting to crank down hard on materials it's probably not a good thread for that, but if you are wanting to tie the smoothest chironomid bodies ever or need that ability to really flatten out your thread, it's just the thing. Also, the wonderful range of colors it is available in is a huge positive as well. 

Textreme is one of the most experienced textile companies in Italy, and their fly-tying range shows the incredibly superior experience they have compared to many manufacturers. They make all their own raw materials with the strictest quality control, and then have world-class dye houses do the coloring of the product using a precise digitally-controlled dying process that results in absolute consistency across batches, meaning the spool of thread you buy today will be the exact same shade as the one you buy 6 months from now. This level of consistency is a god-send for American tiers who have dealt with constantly varying dye lots and quality for decades now. 

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