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Oros Strike Indicators - pack of three

Oros Strike Indicators - pack of three

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The OROS have arrived. 

It's hard to say enough good things about the OROS indicators, but suffice it to say that they have quite certainly created the best indicator currently on the market. The parts are easy to handle, and easy to find and retrieve if dropped. They float well and are very visible, and are lightweight enough, especially in the small size, for soft delivery of your presentations. The design also places the indicator in-line with your rig, instead of hanging off lopsided and unbalancing your cast like so many others products. On stillwaters, you can put two different colors together and detect extremely subtle strikes by watching for the colors to roll over. Whether you are a stillwater, a traditional fly line, or a mono-rig angler, these indicators are the one-stop solution to suspension techniques. 

Comes in packs of three.

  • XS = 0.4 inch diameter
  • S = 0.6 inch diameter
  • M = 0.8 inch diameter
  • L = 1 inch diameter


Oros says:

Oros strike indicators eliminate common indicator pain points. There are no small parts to fumble and lose. It’s streamlined design is centered on the line for balanced casting. There is no exposed fastening hardware or posts sticking out to create drag or tangle line. Oros strike indicators enclose fastening hardware inside of two foam hemispheres. When closed, the foam compress creating a pressure fit lock that keeps it on the line and in place, without kinking. Large screw threads make securing it to the line effortless, and it it's even easier to lock in place with wet hands.

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